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Complete Guide for California Small Business Taxes

Each state has unique rules and regulations for taxes on small businesses. A few states don’t have a corporate income tax for you to worry about, but California is not one of them. If you’re starting a small business in California, you must be informed and ready to handle California’s

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Bookkeeping for a Non-Profit: What You Need to Know

You know you need to keep your receipts and records, but you’re slowly finding that bookkeeping is more complex than simply tracking expenses. Bookkeeping for non-profit organizations requires a specific skill set because the rules differ from for-profit bookkeeping rules.  This article will cover the differences between non-profit and for-profit

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How to Pick the Right Entity for Your Business

Starting your own business is an exciting yet complex process. The choice of which business entity you choose plays a pivotal role. This decision impacts operational aspects, legal liability, tax requirements, growth potential, and much more. Knowing the importance, your decision should consider factors such as desired control level, acceptable

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